Privacy Policy

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Our privacy policy in summary

Maverick Data Systems respects your privacy and permits you to control the treatment of your personal information. This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) governs Maverick Data Systems use of data collected by us, including any and all personal data. Data collected through the use of Maverick Data Systems products, specifically falls into two categories: Personal data & Warrant data.
  • Personal data is information that relates to you and may identify you as an individual. We use your personal data in line with all applicable laws.
  • Warrant data is information that relates to documents created though the use of Warrant Builder. All warrant data is encrypted and sensitive data, like probable cause statements and suspects, and not used by Maverick Data Systems for any purpose other than documents being created by you. Warrant metrics, like general statistics of warrants written or categories of search locations, are used for statistical reporting and advertising. Absolutely no warrant data is ever published or shared with any party.